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  • Fair Credit Reporting Act: The Fair Credit Reporting Act doesn’t just apply to credit agencies – it also sets the standard for employers who want to find out more about their current or prospective employees. Even if you don’t seek credit information, if you’re looking into a person’s “character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living,” you or the people you contract to do background work must be FCRA compliant. Or you’re liable.
  • Privacy Rights Foundation: Even the most basic personal “due diligence” carries some considerable legal obligation. Check out the laundry list of criteria at the Privacy Rights Foundation Website.
  • The Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press: Sometimes it helps to record conversations so you have a permanent record. Statutes cover what you can and can’t tape and they vary from state to state. The Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press has a good summary on the organizations website.