Class List

EPS Tactical provides a range of introductory and continuing education classes for security and protective agents, police and corrections officers and related professions.

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Here’s a brief summary of what we offer:

Armed Training
We offer introductory courses for the safe, legal and effective use of a variety of weapons and security-related equipment. One class covers firearms and meets state requirements to obtain a permit to carry a firearm. Another covers less-lethal equipment, including expandable baton and chemical agents as well as handcuff use. Both courses are certified by the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services.

Advanced Armed Training 
Our advanced handgun course covers tactical reloading, shooting from barricades, tactical movement and shooting on the move, weapon retention and disarming, and concealed carry considerations.

Armed Training: Use of Less-Lethal Equipment
We also offer continuing education in use of less-lethal equipment, like expandable batons and chemical agents, as well as use of handcuffs.

Continuing Training: Adult CPR, First Aid and Use of Automatic External Defibrillators
This class covers Red Cross approved basic emergency medical response and will certify students in these two areas. Certification in CPR for the professional rescuer is also available.

Continuing Training: Arrest Procedures
This class covers legal authority and procedures in greater depth, focusing on the most common violations in Minnesota’s criminal code. Participants learn recommended techniques for approaching subjects, initiating arrests, appropriate conduct and officer responsibility.

Continuing Training: Observational Psychology and Verbal Control Tactics
Participants learn to watch and listen for cues that might indicate deceit or danger when encountering subjects during surveillance or personal encounters. Participants also learn verbal techniques for de-escalating and controlling confrontations.

Continuing Training: Threat Assessment
Basic training in evaluating the risk of targeted violence or other illegal activity. Participants learn to categorize threats, use behavior-based risk analysis, productively manage cases and redirect threats away from potential targets.

Continuing Training: Use of Force
This is a refresher for people who already have their private detective or protective agent certification. It covers the use of force continuum, the effects of combat stress on officer performance, personal defense techniques and empty-hand subject control techniques.

Pre-assignment Training
A two-day classroom and hands-on demonstration that serves as the “basic training” for security officers or protective agents, depending on assignment. The class covers the concepts and goals of private security, legal issues, patrol and documentation procedures, emergency response, and appropriate use of force.
The class is certified by the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services. More than 1,000 security officers have undergone our training.