Loss Prevention and Uniformed Security

Sometimes, you get what you don’t pay for. You know that’s true all too often if you run a business. Fraud, embezzlement and outright theft are a constant threat to your bottom line, whether you’ve got a book store or an entire corporate campus.

In fact, the results of the University of Florida’s most recent Retail Security Survey found that businesses reported losing more than 1.5 percent of their inventory to shrinkage, more than a third of that to shoplifters. That’s $31 billion worth of goods that disappeared out the door. With stakes that high, it just doesn’t pay to skimp on your loss prevention measures.

At Heartland Corporate Security we can help you design a high quality, customizable asset protection program that keeps your product where it is supposed to be, thwarts employee theft and protects your company from liability.

We do it with some of the best trained and most experienced licensed security personnel in the region. They combine years of on-the-street experience with savvy about the latest trends, like organized retail crime and digital video technology.

We’re also partners with the Heartland Investigative Group, an elite team of former law enforcement officials, licensed investigators and certified fraud examiners.

We’re ready, and you will be too. Call us.

Comprehensive, High Quality Security Services Tailored to Your Needs.
Heartland Corporate Security delivers top quality, mission-critical security to retail, corporate and institutional clients around the region, so our customers can stay focused on more important issues, like growing their business.

It’s your call. Our business is complex, challenging, and even dangerous – for us, that is. But for you, contacting us, talking with us in strictest confidence, and working with us, is simple.

Here’s what we do:

Asset Protection

  • “Blitz” teams that target losses at specific locations or of specific merchandise
  • Supplemental security for author or artist appearances, museum shows, or other events
  • Undercover agents for internal investigations
  • Pre-employment screening

Contract Security Services

  • Plain clothes loss prevention specialists
  • Electronic monitoring specialists
  • Enhanced security at non-traditional locations
  • Uniformed retail security agent

Training and Consulting

  • Recognition of retail theft techniques
  • Certification and continuing education for uniformed security officers
  • Fraud and embezzlement countermeasures
  • Retail and commercial premises security audits
  • Security evaluations for expansions or acquisitions
  • Post-loss analysis