Find out what our clients say about Heartland Corporate Intelligence

“We needed to determine why our clients stopped ordering a particular device, causing a significant drop in sales. Heartland determined that a Utah-based manufacturer was flooding the market with a similar product. We were able to adjust our strategy, saving thousands of dollars in potential ongoing losses.”
— CFO, Manufacturer

“In order to meet our revenue goals we needed to know a lot more about our key competitors, some who were offshore. Heartland’s analysts were able to secure critical data that we couldn’t find online – and it made a huge difference.”
— President, Retailer

“Expansion through acquisition was mandated by ownership in 2011. We needed to identify eight potential targets that met a very tight set of criteria. Through Heartland we found them and closed on three deals – it would have never been possible without their expertise.”
— Vice President, Financial Services

“We sell our services to an extremely affluent market niche. Yet, more often than not, the lists we purchased were not accurate. The prospects were not wealthy, in fact, some were bankrupt. Heartland vetted our list and culled out the bad data – and fully flushed out the others – giving us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent.”
— General Agent, Financial Services

We simply don’t have time to attend every trade show, especially those abroad. Tom and his team coordinate reconnaissance for us – and deliver critical data we need to keep up on our industry… and our competitors.
— Senior Marketing Manager, Technology

“Our client retention rates began to fall over the course of 2009 and we were concerned that a competitor was poaching our best clients. We ultimately found out that our customer service was inconsistent. Heartland’s creative strategy of actually meeting with our CSR’s and documenting their behaviors was exactly what we needed to reverse the damage and move forward.”
— President, Professional Services