Due Diligence

Banks, venture capitalists, hedge funds, private equity groups and mezzanine lenders have come to rely on Heartland’s objective and thorough due diligence background profile products.Compliance with the Patriot Act, Gramm Leach Bliley Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act require strict adherence. Our professional staff advises clients on “Know Your Customer” requirements and provides guidance on navigating the complex regulations of your changing regulatory environment.We offer several levels of due diligence. We will discuss your needs and requirements and create a tailored solution based upon several factors.We also provide ongoing monitoring of these background profiles so you can stay ahead of the game. Click here for more details.


How do I get started?

Simply contact us by phone or email for a free consultation. We will review your needs and recommend the proper strategy.

What information do I need to provide to start a background profile?

Typically a name and address of the subject will suffice. For individuals, a date of birth and SSN are also helpful. If a signed authorization from the subject is required, that form will ask for all the relevant information needed to perform the investigation.

Do you need a signed authorization and release from the subject?

In most cases, a signed authorization is required or recommended. However, we can provide a limited report in the absence of an authorization and release. We will address this issue during your consultation.

How long does the process take?

Reports typically take between 4-6 business days to produce. If necessary, we can expedite your request and can often times return results in as few as 2-3 days. We can also send preliminary reports during the course of the investigation.

What is the cost?

The cost will vary depending on the scope of the investigation, the number of subjects and their geographic locations. During your free consultation, we will suggest various levels and tailor a report to meet your needs and budget.

What does a typical background profile contain?

See the Advanced Profile and Executive Profile sample reports below which give varying examples of the depth and scope that is available. As stated above, we will tailor a report to meet your precise needs on a case by case basis.

Click the links below for a detailed description of the components of each report.

Keep in mind that we can tailor reports to meet your precise needs.

Advanced Profile

Executive Profile