Regulatory / KYC

“Know Your Customer” and other regulatory legislation has given us needed protections in difficult times, but banking and financial professionals are now saddled with a complex array of requirements that demand additional time and skills in order to do business.

Heartland Investigative Group had amassed a team of financial and investigative experts that understands the complexities of finance regulations and how to meet their stipulations. We do it thoroughly and quickly, saving you valuable hours and resources.

Since 1995 Heartland has completed over 10,000 due diligence projects for many of the leading financial institutions, venture firms, hedge funds, and mezzanine lenders.


Focus Areas: Enhanced due diligence
Expert Fields:  Fair Credit Reporting Act
Team Bios: Tom JaebSusan KolarPaul Jaeb


  • Enhanced due diligence

  • Background check policies
  • “Know Your Customer” consulting