Corporate Investigative Services

Services Overview

Corporate Security

Corporate Security practitioners understand you can’t completely plan for the unknown. But you can be as prepared as possible, and that sometimes requires another perspective from seasoned outside professionals.

Heartland Corporate Security is your resource for anticipating the unexpected. Our team brings experience from some of the nation’s leading companies, including Target Corporation, Equifax, Hitachi, US Bank, and Kmart–to let you provide the highest level of security possible in the face of any uncertainty. We’re there to help you get ready, we’re there whenever you need assistance.
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General Counsel

General counsels are uniquely challenged by having virtually all issues come across their desk. They know the importance of assembling a team with enough flexibility, training and experience to tackle any and all legal issues.

Heartland Investigative Group has amassed a vast array of corporate and legal experience. Along with extensive and continual training, we’re prepared and confident that we can assist with anything you encounter.
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Human Resources

All employment issues begin and end with Human Resource professionals, who strive to hire the best and to fix things when problems arise with employees.

Heartland assists employers during the entire employee relationship. From front-end background profiles and undercover assignments to surveillance and assistance with hostile terminations, our investigators and consultants provide the professional and reliable service that has made us the firm of choice to help build and maintain strong employment relationships.
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