Criminal Defense

Very serious crimes require vigorous defense. As defense attorneys, you know the significance of building a team as tenacious and loyal to the tasks as you are to your clients.

Heartland’s Criminal Defense Practice Team has decades of experience in defending clients charged with serious crimes. We’ve gained a national reputation for thorough and focused criminal defense investigations. Our team has worked on over 15 death penalty cases throughout the country. There’s no substitute for that kind of track record.


Focus Areas: Homicide, sex crimes, vehicular homicide, white-collar crimes, death penalty cases
Notable Cases: U.S.A. v. Timothy McVeigh (post-conviction investigation), U.S.A. v. Sablan, State of Florida v. Crosly Green
Expert Fields: Crime scene reconstruction, police procedure



  • Case analysis and strategic consulting
  • Trial preparation and support
  • Mitigation investigations
  • Research
  • Discovery organization
  • Witness location and interviews
  • Crime scene and accident reconstruction


  • Forensic computer analysis in support of computer crimes investigations
  • Forensic accounting and analysis in white collar crimes
  • Forensic photography
  • Coordination of forensic testing