Family Law

Family law professionals have to gather evidence in the most sensitive yet thorough way possible. You, as a family practice lawyer, demand that a team gets results with the same awareness and sensitivity.Paul Jaeb, Heartland’s CEO, has focused on family law for most of his investigative career, working with some of the region’s most credentialed lawyers. From co-habitation and financial investigations to surveillance and highly volatile protection assignments, Heartland is the most qualified firm to handle the unique needs of family law practitioners.OverviewFocus Areas: Financial investigation, fidelity investigation, asset verification, forensics
Expert Fields: Financial investigations
Team Bios: Paul Jaeb, Bradley, Abby Grenfell



  • Asset development/verification
  • Background investigations
  • Location of missing parents (for adoptions)
  • Surveillance (custody issues, co-habitation, infidelity)
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Adoption affidavits (see link)
  • Forensic
  • DNA testing
  • Forensic computer examinations
  • Drug testing
  • Electronic countermeasures (bug sweeps)


  • Secure transportation
  • Armed protection
  • Residential security audits