Franchise Law

Franchisors have long struggled with how to handle rogue franchisees. Normal reporting can be manipulated, revenue can be diverted, product lines can be polluted and intellectual property can continue to be used after dismissal.

Heartland’s national network of legal investigators helps franchise groups and their counsel investigate wrongdoing through innovative and aggressive strategies. From site audits and controlled purchases, to post-relationship investigations and surveillance, we have helped dozens of franchisors prove their cases. Avoiding potential problems begins with adequate due diligence on prospective franchisees. Heartland offers a wide range of background profiles to the fit the unique needs of franchise groups.


Focus Areas: Post-termination investigations, background profiles, flash audits, financial investigations
Team Bios: Paul Jaeb, Tom Jaeb



  • General investigations
  • Integrity testing
  • Controlled purchases
  • Site investigations/audits
  • “Sign Down” investigations
  • Forensic auditing
  • Background profiles (basic, advanced, executive)