Nobody likes unresolved issues. But once a dispute moves into litigation, getting the right information is essential to coming out on top. Heartland has a 21 year history of providing lawyers with the critical data they need to more effectively litigate a matter. The basics are the same in most litigated cases. We understand how to get to the point quickly and efficiently: who are we dealing with, do they have the resources to settle, what will witnesses say and what else is out there that might be relevant.

With former federal law enforcement personnel, corporate investigators, fraud examiners, paralegals, and forensic specialists, Heartland is uniquely qualified to provide the investigative support needed for successful outcomes.


Focus Areas: Locating witnesses, historical research, interviewing
Representative Clients: State of Minnesota
Team Bios: Paul Jaeb



  • Case analysis and strategic consulting
  • Trial preparation and support
  • Historical research
  • Discovery organization
  • Witness location and interviews


  • Forensic computer imaging and analysis
  • Forensic accounting and analysis in white collar crimes
  • Forensic photography
  • Coordination of forensic testing