Product Liability / Personal Injury

Catastrophes, accidents, unfortunate product liabilities. When misfortune strikes, razor-sharp response demands a clear head, immediate action and a relentless pursuit of the facts under any and all conditions.

Heartland’s Product Liability and Personal Injury division has built a set of time-tested skills honed under a myriad of difficult circumstances. We have all the resources ready to confront challenging conditions. We’re on it, whenever and whatever happens, so you can be, too.


Focus Areas: Personal injury, product liability, catastrophes
Notable Cases: Interstate 35W bridge collapse
Team Bios: Bradley
Articles of Interest: Investigating Catastrophic Events: The Minnesota Bridge Collapse by Paul Jaeb, PI Magazine (November/December 2007)



  • Witness and victim interviews and statements
  • Site investigations
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Evidence documentation